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Student News ~ AWC Scholarship Program


If you were to start your own business, what would it be?

Many Thai students LOVE to draw. Each year the Scholarship Committee looks for a meaningful topic that allows students express themselves. The 2022 winners were selected by popular vote on our members-only Facebook group. Each winner was very happy to receive a small cash award. This year we received over 60 entries from our students. And, the winners are:

1st Place 2022 Art Contest

1st place: Miss Rungnapha Prasetjit, Sriwilai Wittaya School, M6. Sponsor: John Parker

2nd place 2022 Art Contest

2nd place: Miss Nutthalida Sungkhamanee, Kokekor Pittayakom School, M5. Sponsor: Jan Lovelady

3rd place 22 Art Contest

3rd place: Miss Apassorn Athadalakasiri, Hansa Sujit Wittaya School, M6. Sponsor: AWC

Letter from a Student

Dear sponsor,
Hello, I am Thanyamai Tiratha. I am studying in the second year of higher level at Samoengpittayakom School I am studying hard and do other duties for school too. I am a staff at Matthayomsuksa 5 group. My duty is about sports and I help my friends to plan and manage some events and organise many things with a new woman teacher. I got 3.27 (EPA) of all subjects last term.

This year I and my friends have some project works. We do projects about strawberry. We are trying to make some food and add strawberry as the main ingredient such as cookie, cupcake. We are lucky because the owner of a new resort here permit their bakers to teach us at school. I paid some scholarship money for making cupcakes, the bus to school and some important fee, insurance, computer and etc.

My parents and I are very glad to say thank you to you. I was very glad to see some sponsors and the great teamwork at English Camp in Chiang Mai last November. I met and made friends from some school too. I will try hard to study English and speak very well.

Thanyamai (Jane) Tiratha
M5, Samoengpittayakhom School
Sponsor Kevin & Laura Bagin


Scholarship Program ~ Supporting disadvantaged Thai female high school students since 1995

Sponsor a Student ~ 6,000 baht (or US$200) gives a girl the chance to attend one year of high school

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Updated October 2022

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