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WALKING TOUR ~ Park & Snake Farm

  • March 28, 2013
  • 8:00 AM
  • Lumpini Park & Thai Red Cross Snake Farm
  • 8


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Base fee:
  • Family members and out-of-town visitors shall pay at the member rate.
  • Any woman living in Thailand is eligible to join AWC.

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Monitor lizards & snakes... all in one day!

Our tour will begin at the BTS Sala Daeng Station. We will walk north to Rama IV and tour Lumpini Park, Bangkok's largest and most popular park. The park was named after Buddha's birthplace in Nepal. The park has a large man-made lake, walking/jogging track, lush gardens, sports courts, and an outdoor gym. If we are lucky, we will see one of Lumpini's infamous monitor lizards.

From Lumpini Park, we will walk east to the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, the Red Cross Snake Farm. This farm was the second of its kind to open world-wide and is now one of the world's leading centers in the study of venomous and non-venomous snakes. The farm houses over 35 different species of living snakes including the Burmese python, cobra, king cobra, Malayan pit viper, green pit viper and Russell's viper.

The center aims to educate tourists and Thai citizens on the different types of snakes, snake anatomy, life-cycles, reproduction, and proper first-aid in the occurrence of a snake bite. We will attend the daily venom extraction or milkings of the snakes. The venom collected during the milkings is used to make snake-bite antivenins, which are distributed throughout Thailand.

Donation: 200 baht Member & Guest; 400 baht Nonmember

Limit: 12 persons

Leader: Nicki,

Deadline to sign up online and pay is Friday, March 22nd.

Location: Lumpini Park & Thai Red Cross Snake Farm

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