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Constitution Day Holiday (sub)

  • December 12, 2022
  • Thailand
Constitution Day, December 10th, commemorates the advent of the Constitutional Monarchy in Thailand. Previously, the government was an absolute monarchy. Then in 1932, a group of young intellectuals, educated abroad and inspired by western democratic procedures, led the transition to a Constitutional Monarchy. To avoid bloodshed, Rama VII handed over his powers to the people.

Even though the Revolution of 1932 brought an end to the centuries-old absolute monarchy, the reverence of the Thais toward their kings has not been diminished. On Constitution Day, the entire nation celebrates, and Thais express gratitude for the opportunity to govern their country.

With permission from:

Thanapol Chadchaidee. (1994). Essays onThailand. Bangkok: Thaichareunkanpem
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