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The winners of this year’s Art Contest did an outstanding job interpreting the theme “What will the world be like in 50 years?”  We received 90 beautiful submissions. A big thank you goes out to the advisors who encouraged their students to submit and to the students for their great efforts. Winners were each awarded a certificate along with a cash gift of 1,250 baht.

"What will the world be like in 50 years?”

1st place Art Winner: Matsee Ritthiya

1st place Art Winner: Thanyakarn Jandaeng

The two winners who tied for first place this year are
Matsee Ritthiya, M5 (Khokkorpittayakhom School). Sponsor: Thailand Oilsmen Group
Thanyakarn Jandaeng, M6 (Chiangmuan Wittayakhom School). Sponsor: Brian Anderson, Rotary of Denver Southeast

Winner: Marisa Nakthong, Lablaesri School.
Sponsor: Association of Brazilians in Thailand

Super Girl
The world need a  hero, not just an ordinary hero who is just a superhero and put garbage in their proper bins instead. We need a superhero with inwardly power, but uses only in circumstances.

I am a seventeen year-old girl. In the morning I am a common student studying in a governmental school. I am in Mathayom 6 and I have for cats namely : Freddy, Jayson, Tony and Sarah. I have my best friend, Amp. She is my shadow girl who has special powers to fight with the evils and she saves the world from dangerous monsters.
Amp helps me to be able to have strong body and to transform into animals, plants and anything she desires. She also looks like “Super Girl” . Being the Super Heroine would go out at night because it is the time that most crimes happen. Of course, I’m not a girl when I go out. I could be a cat, a bird, a bat or even a beatle. Certainly in the morning I have to go to school, and I should be in bed when my parents wake up.

My power is not limited to one place. I could be in another country to save animals from dying. I would save people from bad men. When this happens, I would change into “Super Girl” that could fight off even a million of villains.
Because of my studies in the morning. I could not fight the ISIS because it would require me to stay in the battle fields for a long time. But when I am not busy, I would visit the war torn countries and save families from bombing.
In South China Sea where there are a lot of boat people, they would be died of hunger on their boat. I would go there and give some food. I helped them to fix a ship and fill some fuel. I chased some monster sharks swimming away from them.

If I was a Super Hero, the world will be a better place to live. Although I fight with bad people and face many dangerous events. My innocence as a child remains. In the morning, I wake up, I would not remember anything because my shadow friend, Amp, would erase all the bad memories. So when I wake up, go to school, I could be happy as a normal girl.

Kantaporn (Ploy) Kaesiripan, M4, Thinopatwittaya School, Phrae Province
Sponsor: Mike Keglovits

Dear Sponsor,
Hello. How are you? My name is Kantapon Kaewsiripan. I am a Matayom 4 student at Thinopatwittaya School. My nickname is Ploy, It means jewel in Thai. I want to be a teacher when I finish school.

I am so happy that you are my sponsor and that I can stay in school. Thank you for choosing me. I wive with my mother and father in Phrae. I have one brother. My mother is a seamstress. My father fell and broke his leg and hip bone. He can not work. My mother get not much money each month. Sometimes, it is not enough for the expenses in family. If I get the scholarship, it can help me to stay in school.

In my free time I like to water the trees and swept house. My favorite subject is history. Thank you again for sponsor me. I would love to get a letter from you and learn more about you.

Sincerely yours,
Kantapon Kaewsiripan

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