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  • February 04, 2012
  • 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Stepping back in time...

What is ROAD TRIP?
---->  It's exactly what you think it is. We are taking you on a road trip (day trip) to explore a particular destination (of the month). Together, we will make interesting pit stops along the way and show you places you probably have not yet seen in Thailand! Not to mention, you will enjoy some fantastic local food famous in those areas.

Who is ROAD TRIP for?
---> Bangkokians! (locals, expats, visiting family, visiting guests, etc). The trips we have organized are NOT designed for tourists. It's not off-the-shelf destinations but rather places we have personally explored and thought worthwhile to share with you. This is for those of you who live in Bangkok, and want to take a break once a month. It's for those who want to find something exciting to do on a weekend. It's for those who have a passion for travel and appreciate new places. It's also a chance to make new friends, as we will be going together as a group. Added Bonus: Meet our team on these ROAD TRIPS. It'll be a pleasure!

In February we are organizing a Road Trip especially for AWC members, their family (including children) and friends. We are going to E-sarn right up to the Cambodian border. A little far, but well worth the distance. It's a small province, but not too small to go unnoticed. It's time we became students again. After all, knowledge is power!

A visit to the ONLY school of its kind in the Kingdom, the Kasornkasivit School (Water Buffalo Training School), a special school for farmers and buffalos alike. We get to be students here too! Learn and appreciate the basics of farming, Thai style! 

No trip to Srakaew is complete without a pit stop at Talad Rong Kluea (Thai-Cambodian Friendship Market). It's all hustle & bustle in this crazy market. Watch porters run across the borders. Thai vendors. Cambodian vendors. Keep an eye out! You never know what you may find here.

And a visit to Srakew is incomplete if you don't see Lalu (Khmer translation: Pierced). Step on land that has been evolving and changing for millions of years. Come see and experience this natural phenomenon right here. Part of the fun is riding on a tractor just to get in! Definitely worth it!

Head back home to Bangkok, arriving 7ish. Now you can say "I've been to Srakaew."

So take a day off and join us. See you soon. Thanks!

For questions and the complete itinerary, please e-mail Sonia.

Click logo to visit their website, or view http://www.facebook.com/connectingasia

Donation: Baht 2,500 Member & Nonmember

Inclusive of
  • Round-trip transfers in private deluxe air-conditioned minivan
  • Breakfast box
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Bottled water & cold towels
  • Group travel insurance
Meeting point: Emporium Suites on Sukhumvit, at Emporium Mall

Limit:   Minimum 8 persons / Maximum 25 persons

Leaders: Naina, narao39@gmail.com, and Sonia Rachanivarakonkul, sonia@connecting-asia.com, 02-233-4255 or 081-826-8173

Deadline to sign up online and pay is Friday, January 20th.

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